How it works
Doesn't matter if you're a resident or a traveler, HUBBER makes it easy.


List your car for the dates when you will be out of town.
When some one wants to rent it, we'll notify you via email to
confirm your rental.

On the day of your trip, drive to Hubber facilities, leave us your car and
keys, and we'll shuttle you directly to your terminal.
We'll email you directions to our parking center prior to your rental. Our service includes all parking costs on the days your car is not on rental.

We'll wash your car before it goes out on rental. We even fuel
your car for you so it goes out with a full tank. Any last
minute items you left in your car will be secured at our
parking facility.

When you return from your trip, our shuttle will take you back to our parking
facility where your car will be waiting, washed and with a full tank of gas. You'll
be on your way, as will your rental revenue.


Enter your travel dates to see the vehicles available for your
trip. Our pricing is simple and includes insurance, and all fees
and taxes. There are no additional charges for gps or any
options in our cars.

You get exactly the vehicle you want while also helping a
resident in the city you're visiting. You can browse by price or
by features depending on your needs and reserve the car you've chosen.

When you land at the airport, take a shuttle to our parking facilities where your selected vehicle will be waiting. Go enjoy the city and take in the recommendations of where to explore from other Hubber members.

When your trip is over, drive to Hubber's facilities and leave us the car and
keys. No need to fill the tank as fueling at pump prices is included with our
service. Our shuttle will take you to your terminal. When you're back home,
make sure to rate the car you used so it will be easier for other members to
choose a vehicle in the future.